Why Bands Can Benefit From Merch Printing

Gaining Recognition

One of the hardest jobs for any band is getting their name out there. The market is currently so saturated that it can sometimes seem impossible to get noticed. A group might have the talent, but if not enough people know about them, they can sadly fade into obscurity.

The best thing a band can do, to prevent this from happening, is to create a lasting brand. Merchandise is ideal for achieving this. Not only can it get the name of the band noticed, but it can also give them some much-needed revenue.

The first thing the band should do is to create a design that defines them as artists. It should be unique and instantly recognisable. Often this can include the name of the group, with an exciting font choice. This can be seen in merchandise for Def Leppard, Kings of Leon, Disturbed and many others. A logo is also a useful thing to have on the merchandise. Once the design has been trademarked, it can then be mass produced.

An Example

One of the best examples of merchandise done right, is the heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. They work with an artist that creates t-shirt designs for them. These often contain the group’s famous mascot, Eddie. When people familiar with the band see these t-shirts, they can tell it is Iron Maiden merchandise, just from a quick glance.

This is because they have created a unique brand over the past few decades. They have succeeded so well at this, that a large portion of the band’s revenue comes from merchandise sales alone. Iron Maiden have managed to crack the code when it comes to utilising a printing service for profit.

Things to Avoid

Iron Maiden can be seen as a brand story that is worth learning from. Knowing what they did right, will help an emerging group get their name out there. However, it is undoubtedly equally essential to know some of the biggest mistakes to avoid.

One of the worst things an emerging artist can do is to copy the design style of a much more successful group. This will make them seem like a knock-off act, and reduce the chances of them developing their own fan base.

They should also ensure that the printing company they go with can mass produce merchandise. If they can’t, then it will cause issues when there is a big demand for the products. Getting a reliable, professional print service will prevent this problem from happening.