Tips for Choosing Merchandise Printing Services

Almost every t-shirt or cape you see on the street today is the merchandise of some particular brand. Some companies produce merchandise to build their brand names, while others do it to promote a particular product or event. For whatever reason you might be doing it, finding the right printing service will be key. The following tips will help you find what you’re looking for in this regard.

1. Design and Print Options

Different types of art on your merchandise will require different printing methods. For example, screen printing and vinyl printing will have different outcomes on the same design. Even the texture of the print will not be the same.

Some designs are more challenging to print using specific printing styles, while others are much easier. Some printing configurations are easy enough to work with, whereas others may be overly technical and cost more in the long run. With all this in mind, you must understand the design that you want and then choose the right printing style for the desired results.

2. Fabric Type

Different printable items use different fabrics. Some materials will do just fine with a particular printing type, but can be destroyed through the use of another. Is the item you wish to print made of silk, cotton, or nylon? Is it paper, board, or wood? All of these will require different printing methods. When searching for merch printing services, all this must be factored into the equation.

3. How Much Work?

Finally, you must consider the amount of work required to produce your merchandise. Do you need more hands? Or more machines? Are you printing in bulk or one item at a time? Most service providers offer cheaper rates when clients print in volume rather than in smaller numbers. Also, some service providers offer after-sale services depending on the above-mentioned factors.