Seven Tips for Creating Great T-Shirt Designs

Designing t-shirts online is a trendy pastime among creative minds. These days making a t-shirt isn’t all that difficult. You do not have to suffer the stress of going out, getting fabrics, and all of that. You can simply do it at home, with your computer. If you have a cute idea, and you want to express it, all you have to do is create your t-shirt designs online.

Here are some tips to get you working on your first custom print t-shirt.

Get out Your Drawing Pad

It is one thing for an idea to be up in your head, and another to have it out, right where your eyes can see it. Start by sketching out your t-shirt design. Make some adjustments here and there as necessary, until you get the picture you have in mind. Look through your plan over and over again, until you are satisfied with the image in front of you.

Try out Your Imagination

Now you have your idea in front of you. Try closing your eyes and picture your design on the front of a t-shirt. See yourself walking in your t-shirt, and be your own critic. There’s always a difference when a print is on screen, and when it finally appears on a t-shirt. You can also print your design out as a photo, and place it on a t-shirt to see how it looks. Try viewing your artwork in the actual size, to get an idea of what it would come out like.

Be Detailed, but Keep It Very Simple

People will always go for great art that pays attention to detail. If you want to sell your merchandise printing online, your design has to be well executed. You should undoubtedly always bear in mind, that the best and classic tees, usually come in straightforward designs.

Think About Your Market

It’s one thing to design your print online, and it’s another to have people buy it. You have to ask yourself, who does your design speak to? Are you trying to get the attention of males or females to wear your t-shirt? You can take down a list of the type of people you are looking to sell your t-shirt to. Know what your target market likes, and the kind of brands they usually look for. At the end of the day, you will have to sell your t-shirt to somebody.

Avoid Being Too Funny

As much as you want to keep people interested in your t-shirt, that doesn’t mean you have to go aggressive with humour. Too much amusement on your t-shirt: design will make it look cheap. Now that’s clear, you should keep the humour subtle on your design.

Think About Colours

If you are designing a custom print t-shirt, you should choose colours that complement your design. If you are working with an illustrator app such as Adobe, you have options with its global colours. You can do a colour mix, or blend colours to get unique tones; anything that will bring out your design just right.

Be Ahead of the Game

Don’t just stop at one t-shirt and quit. Keep coming up with great designs, and also inspire yourself, by looking at what the latest trends in the market are offering. Even when your t-shirt gets into the market, you’ll find out more new designs are springing up.