Choosing A Custom Printing Service


Utilising the services of an online printing company can be a great way to create merch for a brand. This method is already widely popular with a number of businesses and artists. Printing companies are of particular interest to independent bands who want to gain fan loyalty. They are also useful for helping businesses advertise themselves and attain a wider brand awareness.

However, there are several factors that should be considered before going with one specific printer. Each one is different and choosing the right one will depend on an individual’s circumstances. Knowing more about each one will make the decision easier.


The right printing company should be cost effective. If you are using it to create merchandise then you will want to turn a profit. If the fees for printing are too high then this can cause a big problem. Before choosing a printer you should calculate your desired cost. This will help determine how much you will sell your merchandise for, as well as your overall profits.

Legal Issues

These companies can print out practically any image of the customers choosing and use it to create merchandise. However, it is essential that the person selling the merch legally owns the image. If they do not then this is potentially infringing copyright laws.

People should be very careful about what they want printed out and sold. Ideally it should be original content. This will help ensure that no laws are being infringed. It can be tempting to purchase an image from an online gallery. However, it is worth reading their terms of service to make sure you can profit from them. It is useful to remember that just because you own an image does not legally entitle you to make money from it.

Merchandise Quality

The quality of printed merch will vary from company to company. There is nothing more disappointing than getting a big order delivered to find that is not up to professional standards. The best way to prevent this is to ask for a sample before mass producing prints.

Looking up customer reviews is another useful method for determining if the company is worth hiring. Looking at the lowest rated reviews will give you a sense of how bad the printing really is. This will also inform you of any other negative issues that you may not have discovered until it was too late.